Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healing Can Surprise You

The most devastating thing about the fire was that I lost my precious pets' ashes. When I lost them it was like I lost my pets all over again. I often think that if I could go back and do one thing different, I would grab their urns instead of my gun and badge.

One person was able to ease the pain a bit. My friend Dorian reminded me that they were always in my heart and they would always be where all the love was.

Today, I think I found my way to healing my broken heart. Sadly, it came from someone else's loss, but life is funny that way. A kitty named Parker went Over the Rainbow Bridge after a battle with cancer. Her owner posted an essay on her blog that was a twist on Ben Hur Lampman's "Where To Bury a Dog." I cried all the way through, but they were tears of healing.

I may not have the ashes and collars of my OTRB pets anymore, but I still hold them in my heart. They are with me forever that way.

Thank you Parker. May you run free OTRB without pain.

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