Thursday, May 10, 2012

Progress Despite Devastation

Many of you already know about the apartment fire that we experienced back in February. The entire building was completely destroyed and we lost everything. I was able to get our pets out safely so we still have our little family. That is truly all that matters.

Surprisingly, the tragedy didn't cause any setbacks in my emotional issues. I guess I must handle a crisis well, because I expected my mood to become very dark, but it never did. In fact, since the fire, I have only experienced two depressed days and two days with unexplained anxiety.

The fire has certainly given me a new perspective. Things may not always be there-it's the memories that you need to hold onto tightly. I know that good will come out of the devastation. In fact, it already has. I've seen so much kindness and caring, not just from friends, but from complete strangers, too. It has warmed my heart and I promise to pay it forward.

I've never been one to step outside of my comfort zone. I'm trying to do a bit more of that. I'm hoping that it will help me in my journey out of darkness as well as live a fuller life.

I can't thank everyone enough for all that they have done for us. Thank you notes are (slowly) getting sent out, but the words seem to fall short. I hope that by living a life of gratitude, happiness and helping others, that will in some way show my thanks.


  1. I am so glad you are all OK after that horrible ordeal. Remember you can always lean on us anipals. I also have found there are so many good and caring people and their pets. Take care.

  2. I will never forget seeing Daffy's first tweet, then going immediately to your timeline to find out that you at least got out with your precious babies. I felt so relieved you were okay, but felt so bad for all the personal things you lost and can never replace. It has to be a devastating thing to go through. You have done amazingly well Amy,and you are paying it forward.