Monday, October 28, 2013

Time to Take a New Step

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm finally going to do it. Tomorrow I'm going to call my doctor and ask her to recommend a therapist.

Things are incredibly stressful at home. My Mom isn't doing well at all. Her memory is getting worse and of course, she doesn't realize it. When I point something out that we've talked about, she insists that we haven't and gets mad at me. We all walk on eggshells around her but she's in a foul mood almost all of the time. I'm going to call her doctor as well and see if we can get her scheduled sooner to go in for testing.

Because of all of the tension, hubby and I are not getting along. Sometimes it's an all-out argument, but usually it's snapping at each other or cold treatment. Our littlest kitty, Lowenstein, hasn't been well lately. We're sure it's due to the tension. He's a very sensitive boy and he's bound to pick up on all the negativity.

I feel like I need a new way to cope with all of this. I hope seeing a therapist can help. I'm sure it will help me deal with my depression and any amount of relief will be welcome.


  1. Having someone to discuss things with, and someone who might be able to offer guidance is a good thing. I hope they recommend someone who can help.

  2. Good for you!!!! This is not a sign of weakness but a healthy step to help you process emotions and events that are outside your norm.

    I went and spoke to someone a few years ago and it really was quite liberating to talk to someone who agreed with my point of view... I mean I knew what I was feeling was not wrong but I was feeling all alone in it.

    I hope you find someone you click really does make a difference

  3. Good for you Amy. Do it. If you have aging parents, you are under incredible stress (along with working full time, your own family etc). Yes, get your mom to the doctor also - maybe they can give her something to calm her down. Sounds like she might have either dementia or Alzheimers. I went thru it with my mom and I have friends going thru it now. You might even have to look at a permanent facility (and do NOT put yourself on a guilt trip for doing that or even thinking it). Sending you big hugs Amy!