Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was in Boston last month for a couple of weeks. Boston is a wonderful city filled with history and modern attractions right next to each other. Every time I am there, I marvel at all the city has to offer. Several years ago, during one of my first trips to Boston, my then-boyfriend and I visited the New England Aquarium. I had seen an ad declaring "Meet the Little Blues" referring to a particular type of penguin. Being an animal lover, I had to go. Our visit to the aquarium was based solely on this tag line.

On my most recent trip, I married my above-mentioned boyfriend. We have a unique relationship and have been together 15 years, just now taking "the plunge." Imagine my reaction when I was in the Park Street Station of the MBTA and saw this ad:

It was so fitting for us! There were several others, just as amusing.

Whoever came up with this advertising campaign must be a genius! If you're in Boston or visiting soon, keep your eyes open for these ads. There are more than just my favorites that I've posted here. You'll see them not only at the Park Street Station, but also at other locations around town. I spotted Roast Beef on the reverse side of a Boston information sign on Tremont street near our hotel.

Thanks for the great ads, New England Aquarium! Maybe I can visit again the next time I'm in Boston.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments, Amy, and great post! Roast Beef, Lilico and gang hope you can come visit the Aquarium the next time you're in Boston.