Friday, May 28, 2010

Introducing Annie

There's a kitty at Wayside Waifs that deserves the spotlight. Her name is Annie and she's been at Wayside longer than any other cat there. She's been there almost a year now and nobody is really sure why.

Annie is a sweet cat who was abandoned. She was taken in by a neighbor, but the neighbor was not able to continue to care for her. That is when she made her way to Wayside. The neighbor had wonderful things to say about Annie, like the fact that she was affectionate, a lap cat and gentle when playing. The time I have spent with Annie reveals that she is very calm, shy at first, then, with time, more trusting. I imagine that after being abandoned and moved, followed by living in a shelter for almost a year, building trust will take some time with her. I fully believe that the time invested to earn her trust would be completely worth it.

Many of the volunteers at Wayside are very close to Annie and try their best to match her up with the right adopter. Brainstorming sessions seem constant. There is even a video of Annie playing.

Her new home should not have children, as she doesn't care for kids. If there are other pets, they would have to be the type that would give her plenty of space. However, the ideal situation would probably be a home where she is the only pet. Annie is a little chubby, but with a stable home that includes play time for exercise and a healthy diet, I think she will slim down. If you are in the market for an addition to your family, you should check out Annie on the Wayside Waifs website, or even better, come in to meet her in person!

I know that there is somebody out there who is perfect for Annie. That person will be patient, understanding and compassionate. Are you that person?


  1. Very well done! Annie would be proud :) I hope she finds the BEST FOREVER HOME soon!

  2. Update on Annie: This lucky girl has found her forever home! I'm so happy for her.