Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Am I A Good Enough Red Sox Fan For You?

Recently I have been bothered by some Red Sox fans on Twitter and how they seem to be judging other Red Sox fans. A big chunk of my following list is made up of members of Red Sox Nation. I enjoy seeing their tweets about the team and the games (since I rarely get to see the Red Sox on TV) but I don't like what I'm seeing in reference to other fans.

Many times I see a Red Sox fan react to what another fan has posted. It might have been a negative comment about a play that wasn't made, how the season is going or about the team in general. These other fans will then react by commenting on that fan's support of the team. They will imply that they aren't "real" fans. That's bullshit. The way I see it, I can see when a player isn't doing his best and point it out. Or if the team is on a losing streak, I can wonder when they're going to turn things around. I cheer for them and want them to win no matter what, but if they suck, I'm going to say it.

Another comment I see is regarding "pink hats". I can't tell you how childish I think these comments are. "Pink hat" is a negative term meaning a female fan who doesn't know anything about the game of baseball. They get their name from the color of baseball caps many female fans wear. Who are these people to judge? Does it matter if they don't understand the game inside and out? It's not like the game can be learned overnight. I figure, if they are a fan, they're a fan, no matter what their understanding of the game is. I don't care if they are only there to see the hot guy on the team (which, by the way, some of these so-called "real fans" babble on about as well). If they support the team and go to a game, that's all that matters. They are laying down the money for the merchandise, the ticket and everything else that goes along with seeing the team play.

As a matter of fact, I have a pink Red Sox visor. I also have a green one, a red one and a myriad of different caps, including the old school blue cap with the red "B". How do you know by the color of cap I'm wearing weather or not I understand the game of baseball and if I'm a "real fan" that meets your standards? You don't. But some fans pass judgment anyway.

Fans like this remind me of middle school. They think they are better than the other fans, that they know more about the team and the game. I say, if you want to be a true member of Red Sox Nation, be a little friendlier to the others who hold membership as well. Maybe they want to learn and you could be a good teacher. Enough judging. It makes us all look bad.


  1. Excellent post Amy! Very well said...I hope I'm not like that...not all the time anyway...lol

  2. Thanks for the comment! I've never experienced this with you-you're awesome!