Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Broken Hearted for Boston

Everyone knows what happened in Boston on Patriots' Day near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. No need to rehash the disturbing details. Most people who know me also know what Boston means to me. I love the city and think of it as my second home. I have made wonderful friends there to go along with all of the wonderful memories.

I've been visiting Boston for many years now. I'm so comfortable there, I can give directions to tourists and recommend places to visit to others. My husband and I got engaged there, then two years later we were married there. It holds a very special place in my heart.

When I heard the news, I knew that I would have friends at the marathon. My first thought was of my friend Paul (@paulrharvey3). Out of all of my friends there, I figured he was most likely to be there. Luckily, I saw him tweeting right away that he was okay. He had been at the race, but left before the explosion happened.

I began going through my "Boston" list on Twitter to see which of my friends had been tweeting that they were unharmed. I was happy to see friends like Michelle (@grrlysquirrel75) and Bonnie (@lilyluwhot) tweeting that they were okay, too. I started to get sick to my stomach though. I didn't see tweets from my dear friend Pecan (@lilpecan) so I texted her. It took a little while, but she responded with news that she had been at the race, but was fine.

I continued to check on friends the rest of the day. I can't describe my relief to know everyone I care about in Boston was safe. I don't know what I would do without any of these people in my life.

This morning when I woke up, I remembered yesterday's events. My stomach was no longer sick, but my heart was. So many of my dear friends are living through these events, up close and personal. I can't be there for them, but I can send positive thoughts and much, much love.

Kansas may be many miles away, but Boston and all of its people are in my heart. We will carry on.


  1. It was a tragic, horrific senseless act,. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone precious because of it. Like you, I was very relieved to hear from our dear Twitter friends. Whenever is all this senseless stuff going to stop!

  2. What a horrific event. Boston is in my heart, too. My daughter went to college there for four years, just a block from the finish line of the Marathon. Her apartment overlooked Fenway Park. Many times when we visited her, there was a Red Sox game going on, including World Series playoff game in 2004, and we could hear the National Anthem being played. Very stirring and emotional.

    My daughter lives in New Hampshire now, but visits Boston often. I didn't think she was at the Marathon, but I knew she would be very hard hit by this. So tragic. Thanks for posting.

    I love your wedding photo in your dress and Red Sox hat.