Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Boy Oscar

Three years ago today I lost my beautiful borzoi, Oscar, to cancer. Thinking about it still makes me cry. My heart broke every day for three weeks, from the day we got the diagnosis until the day I helped him go to the Rainbow Bridge. It feels just as raw today.

Oscar was not the first dog I had to have put down. My childhood dog, Crystal, had to be put down, but she was different. She was old and had a good, long life. It was sad, but not unexpected. Oscar was only 8 years old and I felt like cancer robbed him of many more good years-it certainly robbed me of them.

I watched him hobble around those three weeks, knowing what was coming. I spent many cold evenings sitting on the garage floor with him, because he didn't like to come inside. He got extra treats and tons of hugs. I even ordered a special dinner at a Mexican restaurant one night, knowing I would take half of it home to him.

I sat on the floor with him at the vet's office on Halloween day, 2007 while he passed on. The vet assured me that I was right, it was time. He had declined dramatically in those three weeks. I hope he's running in the fields at the Rainbow Bridge today, strong and brave, watching over me.

In his memory, I had a portrait painted last year by my wonderful friend BZTAT. It hangs in my dining room, where I can see it from the kitchen and living room. Seeing his smile on my wall every day makes me happy. It was some of the best money I ever spent. BZTAT also put together this wonderful video, "Love That Never Grows Old", which I am honored to say, contains Oscar's portrait (look for him around the 00:58 mark). It makes me feel good that other people are able to see his regal face, even if they don't know our story.

I love you Oscar dog. There will never be another like you. I'm glad we had that time together.

The last picture I took of Oscar.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to Oscar, and portrait by BZTAT! How fortunate you were to have him in your life as he was to have you...!