Thursday, January 1, 2015

Something to Get Off My Chest

As long as this is stewing in my mind, I might as well put it out there.

Earlier this week I had my annual review. Nothing surprising until my supervisor got to the part about my "attitude." The box was marked "NI". Needs improvement. I was a bit shocked.

I'm not one to bitch and moan in agency meetings. In fact, for the most part, I just sit back and listen. I get along with everyone I work with and treat everybody respectfully. My mind was spinning and I couldn't figure out what I had done.

Then he told me. It was because of a Facebook post around election time where I made clear I wasn't pleased about the re-election of our governor. He said there was "scuttlebutt" about the post and that even though it was my private page (where I don't have listed where I work) I should be careful about what I say. I was taken aback enough that I didn't say much more than "Oh, okay." But then I started to think.

What the fuck was wrong with what I said? I didn't vote for the guy and really hoped nobody else would either. When it was clear he won the race, I was disappointed and saw bad things coming (they have started already, by the way). I said it was time to leave government work and go into the private sector. And I meant it, still do. It wasn't anything that I wouldn't say out loud, either.

Screenshot of actual post. Click to biggify.

Now, here's the thing. I'm friends with a handful of people from work on Facebook. This incident pissed me off enough that I added all but one of those people to my "restricted" list. They can only see posts that I mark as "Public." If they don't like what I have to say, fuck 'em. They don't need to see it. But now I'm rethinking that move. Frankly, I'd rather not be FB friends at all with someone who would piss and moan-behind my back-about what I've posted. Since I'm not sure who it was (or how many of them for that matter) this seemed to be the easiest way to handle the situation.

I don't post a lot of things about politics or religion because I know that people can get hurt feelings, but what I do post, I mean. My page isn't all kitty cats, all the time. I've got to take a stand on things once in a while. If someone takes issue with that, too bad.

I don't think this should have come back on me during my official review. Just because I don't like our governor nor the outlook for our state doesn't mean I have a bad attitude or low morale about my job. It doesn't help mind you, but the agency is about more than just the governor. In fact, he has very little to do with my job.

Maybe they should look at the fact that I don't get as much support as I would like from my superiors, but I find others to help me when I need it, or the fact that I roll with the changes in the agency as well as, or maybe even better than, anyone else. I could have a very pissy attitude and this made me want to put it on display so they could see what Amy-With-A-Bad-Attitude would really be like.

But I won't. I'll just keep my head down and do my job while I hope the Next Great Thing comes along.


  1. 8014 unread emails?? really. Do you think you should get on that.. ;)

    That is sucky. My boss follows my facebook page and part of me is really happy about that, that she cares enough to want to know what I share.. (and she does) but part of me is a bit bothered by it too. You should not be at work 24/7 no matter what job you are in, and yes, your boss was completely wrong for giving you a NI for that.. Even if you had said it while at work, if it was a one time thing, it should not have changed a score on a review - which has everything to do with your livelihood.. (heck he should give you exceeds expectations knowing how unhappy you are but yet you function so well at work)

  2. I am so sorry Amy, but this is what the world has come to. Companies/organizations are checking facebook pages. I think it is totally unfair too, but that is what is happening all over the US. I agree with you that it is unfair and no one else's business other than those you have taken as friends. But companies/organizations don't see it that way. I don't know how one can get around it either unless you make your posts to only those friends who will not cause you harm with them. That would mean cutting your list way back and what is the fun in that.

  3. Hi Amy, I think you should make a post on Fbk about it. Say you were surprised that your supervisor would raise a post on your personal page (where you don't list your employer, nor name them in the post) in your employment review, of all things. Point out that you're disappointed that something you said in a personal place for friends has now had a small negative impact on a working relationship with a key stakeholder in your career. You'll either get an apology or an increased level of respect and trust, even if they remain anonymous. Close the loop on it, I say! Hope this helps, take care, Annette (Isa/WeK xx)